Mora Cottage

The 4 of you and Mora of course!


Welcome in your Mora lodging, a cosy cottage with some nice gadgets. The Mora zone at Rockvillage is easy to recognise with the orange chairs in front of your cottage, the ideal space to chill out with your roommates. The MoraCottage offers room for 4 people. Upon arrival you will not only find ready-made beds but also a small table with a night lamp, a rug and an electricity socket. Obviously a MoraCottage wouldn’t be complete without a voucher for Mora-snacks.

In the MoraCottage you can enjoy the outside by folding away the wall.

Take a refreshing shower in one of the two zones with hot water showers. You will also find water flushed toilets in both zones on the domain. Every morning a luxury breakfast buffet will be waiting for you.

And then…  rock the village!

Price for 4 nights: € 1499,00
Including luxury breakfast buffet and use of all facilities.


Including VAT, excluding € 10,00 handling fee and € 100,00 deposit per cottage.

Only for rent on a 4 night and 4 persons-base. All guests must be older than 18 years.

All facilities at a glance:

  • Chalet powered by Mmmmora equipped with 2 bunk beds
  • Mora-bedsheets included
  • 1 voucher for free Mora-snacks
  • Mora-rug
  • Electricity supply with socket for basic use
  • Foldaway wall
  • Chair to hang up your clothes
  • Small table with night lamp
  • 2 foldable chairs, 2 stools and a table
  • Comprehensive breakfast buffet
  • Use of all facilities